There are five grades of rapids, with Grade 1 being the easiest and Grade 5 being the most challenging, ideal for the adventurous of heart. Trust your guide to expertly negotiate the rapids and enjoy an incredible day on the Nile!

Flat Water Canoeing

We organize Flat-Water Canoeing trips on the River Nile. This is a totally different experience that you should not miss!

River Boarding

Enjoy the quiet of the waters and know the quiet times of day. Fishing, swimming, bird watching are all encouraged. This is a trip for everyone and children of all ages are welcome. Minimum group of 5. We have the best guides and lifeguards for these trips with an excellent safety record.


Paddle or struggle against the rapids of the Nile in an 2-seater kayak. There are five levels of rapids whereby the 1st level is the easiest course and the 5th level is for the adventurous heart and the strong swimmer.

Tandem Kayaking

Experience the best of both worlds! Sit in the front of the Kayak with the guide seated behind you - he does all the hard work, guiding you through the Rapids, and you get the full-on white water experience!

Quad Biking

Find a reason to get down and dirty. Drive your quad bike through dirt routes and come out looking like you were in a sandstorm - and if it rains, people will think that you had a mud bath! Great fun for all the family! A huge laugh for a group of friends!

Whole day safaris also available - even the kids can give it a try!

Rock Wall Climbing

Try your luck climbing up rough rocks with only chalk and suspension ropes. This is strictly for the physically fit.

Ultimate African Adventure

Combine all of the above activities and stay the night in the tourist city.

Any and all tours can be combined or modified to fit your particular needs. Please visit the contact us page for more details of how to progress your enquiry.

Prices are subject to change based upon accommodation availability, your tour alterations and other parameters until time of full and final confirmation.